Jordanians hit boulevards for second week calling for end to $10bn Israeli gas bargain


Several Jordanians fought on Friday requiring the finish of a $10bn gas manage Israel for the second week straight, neighborhood media announced.

In the urban communities of Amman, al-Zarqa, Irbid, al-Aqaba and al-Karak, dissenters requested that the administration end the “treasonous arrangement” struck in 2016, which saw Jordan start bringing in gas from Israel’s biggest seaward field a week ago.

Jordanian protestors have disclosed to Middle East Eye that they won’t light their district’s roads with gas “taken from involved Palestine”.

On 1 January, as indicated by the details of the arrangement between Jordan’s state-run National Electricity Company (NEPCO) hit with Texas-based Noble Energy and different accomplices, gas from the seaward Leviathan field previously began to be siphoned into Jordan for a trial three-month time span.


The Jordanian system demands interfacing each Jordanian resident with the Zionist substance,” Jamal Jeet, the representative for the fights told neighborhood media.

“We might want to make an impression on the system saying that we reject this constrained standardization [with Israel] from the north toward the south of the nation.”

In spite of incessant fights since 2016 against the bringing in of Israeli gas, Jordan put aside $15m in its 2018 spending plan to manufacture a pipeline on Jordanian land.

The arrangement for the Leviathan gas is especially important to Noble Energy and Israel’s Delek Group, which presently couldn’t seem to create any gas from the huge seaward field since its revelation in 2010.

Organizations normally expect understandings to be made ahead of time of creating gas from fields since they are so costly to grow, so the Jordan arrangement would have made further arrangements on the field more probable.


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