How To Maximize Ad Revenue On Your Website?

How To Maximize Ad Revenue On Your Website: There is nothing more cumbersome than pop-up ads that are poorly placed or interrupt the user experience. The ideal advertising policy is to carefully balance the number of ads on the site, their position, and any revenue they generate against their negative effect on user experience.

This is essential in order to optimize any ads and their position on a website to maximize ad revenue.

5 Easy Ways To Maximize Ad Revenue While Maintaining The User Experience

You can perform 4 simple actions that will really improve your ad rev.

Page Speed

Site ads are known to slow down pages. We won’t go to a search page simply to sit and wait for the requested page to load. This is particularly important when using a mobile device. Mobile device searches now surpass those performed on laptops and desktops. This is the reason it is so crucial that your web pages load quickly.

Google now determines its search results from its mobile-first index. Thus, Google views the mobile version of a website, checking how quickly it loads, how responsive it is and how much content is available on the mobile version. Readable and speedy websites will receive higher rankings.

Slow-loading pages hurt a website’s SEO, resulting in users jumping right out the door.

Speed is a top priority if you want to maximize ad revenue and improve revenue.

Test Different Ad Formats And Placements If You Want To Boost Ad Revenue

This sounds confusing, but it is not hard if you link your Adsense account to Ezoics’s free ads-testing system.

Ezoic is a trustworthy partner of Google Adsense and works alongside Adsense.

The program is easy to set up, with no plugins or extensions to download and install, and once installed it tests and tracks the ads using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

The Ezoic ad testing platform knows that quick, fast-loading attractive ads entice viewer interactions. Ads must also appear native (native) within the design of a site.

Ezoic tests advertising formats and their location and finds the best outcome for maximum ad revenue. You can perform the same optimization with WordPress plugins, but it becomes a manual procedure. Ezoic is the complete package when it comes to boosting and maximizing your ad revenue and it is free so why wouldn’t you try it?

How To Maximize Ad Revenue On Your Website

Write More Content For Higher Ad Revenues

Publishing more unique quality content is a great way to enhance revenue on a website. Such content both attracts readers and maximizes ad revenues. This is one of the reasons it is beneficial for us to accept guest posts and occasionally outsource content writing.

It is also good to point out that content should be long-form, as they perform well in the SERPs.

According to Ezoic, the range of words with the lowest EPMv score is 750 to 1000 words. EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) measures how much money you generate for each customer for every 1,000 visitors to your entire site and not just on a particular page or advertisement unit.

Considerably lower than SEO experts’ recommended range for SEO optimization is the second-highest earning word count range of 500-1,000 words. Advertisements tend to attract more traffic, which thereby earns you more opportunities for ad placements and increases your income.

Create Videos For Revenue Growth

YouTube is the second most popular social network on the internet, and video viewing is a major driver of ad revenue.

YouTube hosts more than a million hours of video per day. Using YouTube to display photographs allows you to enhance and optimize ad revenue on your site. Both approaches have pluses and minuses.

Self-hosted videos appear the best. You won’t have a YouTube logo at the top of the page when you self-host. You can also produce video ads before every video ad is run. The downside to this is that your hosting your own videos requires a large amount of processing power, which will raise your monthly hosting costs significantly.

YouTube videos are fast to load when embedded in the page. This offers excellent user experiences that we know have SEO benefits. Additional clickthrough traffic also comes to you from YouTube, as the videos are discovered by YouTube users. You can also build your own following on YouTube. This provides additional advertising revenue and helps with a website’s branding.

Of course, scaling a site’s ad revenues is not such a big problem as you grow a site’s advertising revenue. At this point, there is no reason not to host your own video content and upload it to a branded YouTube account. If you have the resources to build your own videos then why not do both? Get that added benefit of click-through traffic from YouTube and the extra income. Maximize your ad revenue.

If a site’s YouTube videos rank then they can drive traffic to your page.

Utilise Social Media

You can navigate to a website with YouTube videos and there is no reason why you could not drive to social media websites.

Share your content to your branded social channels and accept any traffic that arrives. If you have a ViralContentBee account, you can even increase your social share count.

How To Maximize Ad Revenue On Your Website – Conclusion

As you can see, using some of these straightforward suggestions can enhance your ad revenue. The best way to do this would be to create an Ezoic account and let Ezoic handle all of the promotions for you. If you do this, you probably already have an Adsense account, allowing you to simply set it and forget it. With Ezoic being a Google trusted partner you really can’t go wrong.

Regardless of the way you check your ads, it is critical to make regular updates and give them more add-placement opportunities. Engaging with your posts is the best way to maximize your ad rev.

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