Google Pixel Watch users report slower charging after latest update

The Google Pixel Watch, which was launched in October 2022, has received a new firmware update that has reportedly reduced its charging speed. Some users have complained that the smartwatch now takes longer to reach full battery than before. The update also brings some new features and improvements to the device.

What’s new in the update?

The update, which has the build number RWDA.230114.008, is said to include “numerous bug fixes and improvements” for the Pixel Watch. Some of the user-facing changes are:

  • Watch Faces: Digital Clock is now available with button press when the device is powered down. The time will now appear upon crown push, alongside the red low battery indicator.
Google Pixel Watch users report slower charging after latest update
Google Pixel Watch users report slower charging after latest update
  • Display: In addition to tap, tilt, button press to wake the watch, you can now rotate the Crown to wake.
  • Touch: Optimizations have been added to improve sensitivity of touchscreen behavior.

The update also adds support for more languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Thai and Vietnamese. It also improves the performance and stability of the device.

How much slower is the charging?

According to some users who have reported the issue on Reddit and other forums, the charging speed of the Pixel Watch has decreased significantly after the update. For example, one user claimed that it now takes 45 minutes to charge from 0% to 50%, instead of 30 minutes before the update. Another user said that it takes 110 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%, instead of 80 minutes previously.

These numbers are also confirmed by Google’s own support document, which shows the estimated charging time for the Pixel Watch before and after the update. Here is a comparison table:

Battery level Before update After update
0% to 50% 30 minutes 45 minutes
0% to 80% 55 minutes 75 minutes
0% to 100% 80 minutes 110 minutes

As you can see, the charging time has increased by 15 to 30 minutes depending on the battery level. This means that the Pixel Watch now recharges only half as fast as before.

Why did Google slow down the charging?

The reason behind this change is not clear yet. Google has not officially acknowledged or explained the issue. Some users have speculated that it might be a bug or a mistake in the firmware. Others have suggested that it might be a deliberate decision by Google to preserve the battery health and longevity of the device.

Whatever the reason, many users are unhappy with this change and hope that Google will fix it soon or revert it back to the original speed. Some users have also tried to downgrade their firmware or factory reset their device, but without any success.

How to get the update?

The update is rolling out gradually to all Pixel Watch users over the next week in phases. You can check for updates manually by going to Settings > System > About > System updates on your watch. If you see an update available, tap Download and Install. Make sure your watch is connected to Wi-Fi and has at least 50% battery before updating.

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