Global Flavors: Millennials and Gen Z Drive Condiment Demand


Millennials and Gen Z are driving the trend of global, spicy flavors in condiments. According to a recent report from Supermarket Perimeter, younger generations are increasingly interested in bolder flavors from around the world. This shift has been seen in popular condiments such as buffalo sauce, gochujang, eel sauce, Thai chili sauce, vodka sauce, and peanut butter.

Food Business News reports that millennials and Gen-Z have an affinity for “spicy” flavors that outpace general “hot” concepts like “hot sauce” or “hot pepper”. This suggests that these generations want more than just heat; they want unique flavor combinations that come from different cultures. Companies have begun to formulate their condiments with this in mind.

Global Flavors: Millennials and Gen Z Drive Condiment Demand
Global Flavors: Millennials and Gen Z Drive Condiment Demand

McCormick Planning New, Spicy Partnerships

McCormick & Co., a leading spice company, is planning new partnerships to meet the demands of millennials and Gen-Z for spicier flavors. According to Food & Wine Magazine, the company is looking into new ingredients to create bolder flavor combinations.

Sriracha Ranks as Go-To Condiment for Millennials

Sriracha is one of the most popular condiments among millennials according to Restaurant Hospitality Magazine. The spicy red chili/garlic sauce has seen a surge in sales between 2013 and 2018 with projections of another 16 percent increase by 2023. It’s no wonder why it’s become a favorite among younger generations who crave bolder flavors.

Heat and Hot are Not Synonymous

Cafe Meeting Place states that millennials and Gen-Z are looking for more than just heat when it comes to their condiments – they’re looking for authentic flavors that can only be found around the world. This means companies must look beyond just hot peppers when formulating their products if they want to appeal to younger consumers.


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