Egyptian and Turkish First Ladies Meet in Cairo to Discuss Social Issues and Cooperation

The first ladies of Egypt and Turkey have met in Cairo on Wednesday, as part of the historic visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Egypt. Intisar El-Sisi and Emine Erdogan have exchanged views on various social issues and initiatives, and have expressed their desire to enhance the cooperation between their countries.

Intisar El-Sisi welcomed Emine Erdogan on her social media accounts, saying that she was honored to meet her in Egypt, and that their meeting and conversation were full of discussions on issues of community protection and initiatives related to aid and the Egyptian efforts made in this regard.

The two spouses took a tour of the Haya Karima (Decent Life) operations room, which is part of the presidential initiative launched in 2019 to improve the living conditions and services of the most needy villages in Egypt. The operations room is equipped with advanced technologies and is connected with the relief teams across the country.

The two first ladies also visited the Egyptian Red Crescent headquarters, where they checked on the Palestine Support Centers, which provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. They listened to an explanation about the role of the Egyptian Red Crescent in supporting the residents of Gaza since the start of the Israeli aggression in August 2023. They also watched a documentary showing the operations of the Haya Karima foundation and the Egyptian Red Crescent in delivering aid to Gaza.

A Precious Visit and a Hope for More Cooperation

Intisar El-Sisi described the visit of Emine Erdogan as “precious”, and said that she looked forward to enhancing the ways of cooperation between their countries in various fields. She also praised the Turkish first lady for her efforts and initiatives in the fields of education, health, women empowerment, and social development.

Emine Erdogan thanked Intisar El-Sisi for her hospitality and her invitation, and said that she was impressed by the achievements of the Haya Karima initiative and the Egyptian Red Crescent. She also expressed her admiration for the Egyptian culture and civilization, and said that she hoped to visit more historical and cultural sites in Egypt.

The two first ladies also exchanged gifts and souvenirs, and posed for photos together. The visit of Emine Erdogan is seen as a sign of the warming ties between Egypt and Turkey, which have been strained for years over political and regional issues, but have recently resumed dialogue and cooperation.

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