Al-Rayis: A seaside village that showcases the natural beauty of Saudi Arabia

Al-Rayis, a village located near the city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, is a hidden gem that attracts visitors with its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The village, which lies on the coast of the Red Sea, has stunning beaches and white sand that appeal to hikers, enthusiasts, and fishermenAl-Rayis also offers various community events, including maritime sports competitions, sailboat racing, cruises, and seafood festivals, that showcase the local lifestyle and traditions. The village was featured in a report by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), which highlighted its potential as a tourist destination.

Visitors to Al-Rayis can enjoy the relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere of the village, which is known for its hospitality and generosity. The village has several restaurants and cafes that serve fresh seafood and local delicacies, as well as offer scenic views of the sea and the sunset. Visitors can also join cruises that take them along the coast and allow them to witness the marine life and the coral reefs. Family trips to Al-Rayis beaches contribute significantly to the region’s income, as well as to the social and environmental awareness of the visitors.

A recent development and preservation project

Al-Rayis has also benefited from a recent development and preservation project that aimed to enhance its public services, maritime infrastructure, afforestation, and small business support. The project, which was launched by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, and the Madinah Region Development Authority, has boosted tourism and local economic opportunities in the village. The project also aimed to protect the natural and historical resources of the village, such as the ancient ruins of Al-Jar port, which was once a major trade centre in the region.

A rising demand for accommodation and facilities

Al-Rayis has seen an increase in visitors, especially during summers, weekends, and holidays, as more people discover its charm and attractions. However, the village also faces a challenge of meeting the rising demand for accommodation and facilities, as it currently lacks enough furnished apartments and hotels. The village needs more investment and support from the public and private sectors to improve its infrastructure and services, and to further promote its tourism potential.

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