Ocean Alley, ONEFOUR, King Stingray, Cub Sport and Bag Raiders Lead Ability Fest’s 2024 Lineup

Ability Fest, Australia’s most inclusive music festival, is set to return in 2024 with an impressive lineup featuring Ocean Alley, ONEFOUR, King Stingray, Cub Sport, and Bag Raiders. Founded by Dylan Alcott, the festival is known for its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy the music. This year, the festival will expand to Brisbane, in addition to its traditional Melbourne location, promising an unforgettable experience for music lovers across the country.

The 2024 lineup for Ability Fest is nothing short of spectacular. Headlining the festival are Ocean Alley, known for their psychedelic rock vibes, and ONEFOUR, Australia’s pioneering drill rap group. Joining them are King Stingray, who bring a unique blend of Yolŋu surf rock, and Cub Sport, celebrated for their indie-pop anthems. Bag Raiders, with their infectious electronic beats, round out the top acts, ensuring a diverse musical experience for attendees.

In addition to these headliners, the festival will feature a variety of other talented artists. Asha Jefferies, Boone, Brenn!, Dewbs, Eliza Hull, and jamesjamesjames are set to perform, along with Jordan Brando, Jordz, and Kita Alexander. Each artist brings their own unique style and energy, contributing to the festival’s eclectic and inclusive atmosphere.

The festival’s expansion to Brisbane means that even more fans will have the opportunity to experience this incredible lineup. The Melbourne event will take place at Alexandra Gardens/Birrarung Marr on October 19, while the Brisbane event will be held at Victoria Park/Barrambin on October 26. Both locations will feature two stages, one for bands and one for DJs, ensuring non-stop music throughout the day.

Commitment to Accessibility

Ability Fest stands out not only for its stellar lineup but also for its unwavering commitment to accessibility. From its inception, the festival has been designed to be fully inclusive, featuring ramps and pathways for easy access, Auslan interpreters working alongside the artists, and elevated platforms to give everyone a clear view of the stage. These features ensure that all attendees, regardless of their physical abilities, can fully enjoy the festival experience.

In addition to physical accessibility, the festival also provides quiet zones and dedicated sensory areas for those who may need a break from the high-energy environment. Accessible toilets and other facilities are also available, ensuring that all needs are met. This commitment to inclusivity is a core value of Ability Fest, reflecting founder Dylan Alcott’s vision of a festival where everyone can feel welcome and included.

The festival’s efforts to be financially accessible are also noteworthy. In light of the current cost-of-living crisis, tickets are priced at an affordable $60 plus booking fee, with complimentary entry for carers. The festival has also lowered the age of admission to 16, allowing more young people to participate in this unique musical celebration.

Supporting a Good Cause

Beyond providing an inclusive and enjoyable music experience, Ability Fest also serves a greater purpose. The festival is a not-for-profit event, with 100% of ticket proceeds going to the Dylan Alcott Foundation. This foundation supports young Australians with disabilities, providing grants and scholarships to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

The festival’s impact extends beyond the music, as it raises awareness and funds for important causes. By attending Ability Fest, fans are not only enjoying a fantastic lineup of artists but also contributing to a meaningful cause. This dual purpose of entertainment and philanthropy makes Ability Fest a standout event in the Australian music festival scene.

Dylan Alcott’s vision for Ability Fest is clear: to bring people together through music and create a celebration where everyone, regardless of ability, can have an extraordinary time. With its impressive lineup, commitment to accessibility, and support for a good cause, Ability Fest 2024 is set to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

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