The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home: 5 Books to Help You Get Started

Moving into a new space, rearranging your old home, or simply wanting to clear out all the clutter in your life can be a daunting and overwhelming task. With many of us spending more time indoors than ever before, it’s natural to feel the need to declutter and organize our homes. But where do you start? Thankfully, there are books on how to declutter your home that can assist you in this process. In this ultimate guide, we will recommend five books that offer practical and effective strategies for decluttering various areas in your home.

Decluttering Your Mindset: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The first step in decluttering your home is decluttering your mindset. Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with possessions that spark joy and letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose. Here’s how this book can help you declutter your home:

The KonMari Method: The book introduces the KonMari Method, a set of guidelines for decluttering that will help you decide which possessions to keep and which to let go of. The method encourages you to focus on what to keep instead of what to discard.

The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home
The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home

Tackling Different Rooms: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up takes readers through each room in the house and provides a step-by-step guide for decluttering and organizing the space.

Long-lasting Results: Kondo’s book emphasizes that decluttering is not just a one-time event but a way of life. By focusing on surrounding yourself with only items that spark joy, your home will remain clutter-free for the long run.

Decluttering Your Home Office: Unf*ck Your Habitat

The home office can often be the most cluttered room in the house. Jenna Arak’s Unf*ck Your Habitat provides a practical guide for tackling the mess and getting organized. Here’s what to expect from this book:

A Practical Approach: Unf*ck Your Habitat offers a no-nonsense approach to decluttering and organization. The book’s practical tips for maintaining a clean and organized workspace are coupled with a sense of humor, making it an enjoyable read.

Motivation Tips: The book recognizes that decluttering and organizing can be overwhelming tasks. It offers tools and motivation to help readers get going and stay on track.

DIY Solutions: The book provides DIY solutions for decluttering a variety of spaces, from small apartments to large homes.

Decluttering Your Digital Life: Digital Minimalism

In the digital age, decluttering doesn’t stop at physical possessions. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport offers insight into how to declutter your digital life and reclaim your time. Here are some takeaways from this book:

The Cost of Constant Connection: The book argues that our digital lives have become cluttered with distractions that prevent us from being productive or present. Newport provides a framework for decluttering these distractions and regaining focus.

Techniques for Managing Screen Time: Digital Minimalism offers practical techniques for managing screen time, including a 30-day digital decluttering challenge.

The Importance of Analog: The book reminds us of the importance of making time for non-digital activities and making space for quiet reflection.

Decluttering for a Simpler Life: The Simple Living Guide

Sometimes, decluttering isn’t just about creating a tidy space; it’s about simplifying your life. The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs offers guidance on how to declutter not just your home but your life as well. Here’s what you can expect from this book:

Holistic Approach: The Simple Living Guide encourages a holistic approach to decluttering your life. The book includes advice on everything from simplifying your wardrobe to reducing your carbon footprint.

Finding Your Values: The book emphasizes the importance of understanding your values and how they relate to your possessions and lifestyle. By focusing on what’s truly important, you can make more intentional choices about what to keep and what to let go of.

Sustainable Living: The Simple Living Guide emphasizes the importance of living sustainably and offers tips on how to reduce waste and consumption.

Decluttering for a Clutter-Free and Productive Life: Goodbye, Things

Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki offers a unique perspective on decluttering and minimalism. The book emphasizes the benefits of owning fewer possessions and living a clutter-free life. Here’s what this book brings to the table:

Minimalism and Productivity: Goodbye, Things emphasizes the connection between minimalism and productivity. By owning fewer possessions, you can free up time and space for the things that matter most.

Emotional Benefits: The book recognizes the emotional benefits of decluttering and living with fewer possessions. It argues that owning fewer things can lead to a more mindful, intentional, and joyful life.

Personal Story: Sasaki shares his personal journey towards minimalism and offers inspiration for readers who want to declutter their lives.


Decluttering your home can be a life-changing experience that reduces stress and increases productivity. There are many ways to tackle the task, but books on how to declutter your home can offer valuable guidance and motivation. From Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method to Fumio Sasaki’s perspective on minimalism, there is a book for everyone looking to declutter their space and simplify their life. With the help of these books, you can take the first step towards creating a happier and healthier home.

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