How An Operations Manager Spends Her £49,000 Salary In A Week

A recent article on reveals the spending habits and financial situation of an operations manager in the East Midlands who earns £49,000 a year. The article is part of the Money Diaries series, where real people share how they manage their money during a seven-day period. Here are some of the highlights from the article.

A Stable And Flexible Job

The operations manager, who is 42 years old and has two daughters, has worked for the same retail company for over 10 years. She says that the stability and flexibility of her job has been great while her children have been growing up. She divorced four years ago and bought out her ex-husband from their house. She is currently single and looking to move to a bigger place, but finds it hard to afford it.

How An Operations Manager Spends Her £49,000 Salary In A Week
How An Operations Manager Spends Her £49,000 Salary In A Week

A Busy And Varied Schedule

The article details the operations manager’s daily activities, which include working from home, attending meetings, managing projects, dealing with suppliers and customers, and overseeing her team. She also has to balance her work with her personal life, such as taking care of her daughters, cooking meals, doing chores, shopping, socialising, and relaxing. She says that she enjoys her job and finds it challenging and rewarding.

A Frugal And Conscious Lifestyle

The article also shows how the operations manager spends her money during the week. She tracks every penny and tries to save as much as possible for a family holiday once a year. She is conscious of her incomings and outgoings and tries to live within her means. She spends mostly on essentials, such as groceries, bills, mortgage, car loan, and children’s activities. She also treats herself and her daughters occasionally to things like takeaway food, cinema tickets, clothes, and books. She says that she tries to instil in her children the importance of saving and working hard for everything.

A Positive And Optimistic Outlook

The article ends with the operations manager reflecting on her financial situation and goals. She says that she is happy with her life and grateful for what she has. She hopes to pay off her car loan soon and start saving more for a bigger house. She also wants to travel more with her family and explore new places. She says that she is optimistic about the future and believes that things will work out.

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