Foreign Ministry Monitors Situation of Jordanian Citizens Detained at UK Airports

In a recent development, the Directorate of Operations and Consular Affairs at the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been closely monitoring the situation of Jordanian citizens detained at several airports in London, United Kingdom. These detentions occurred after the denial of entry for various reasons.

The plight of Jordanians facing entry denials has raised concerns among the community. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Embassy of Jordan in London, is actively engaged in resolving this issue. Let’s delve into the details.

The Denial of Entry

Several Jordanian citizens found themselves in a precarious situation upon arrival at UK airports. The reasons for their denial of entry vary, but initial information points to violations related to residency and immigration laws. These infractions include issues with hotel bookings and entry instructions for British territory.

Working with British Authorities

Ministry spokesperson Sufian Qudah emphasized the urgency of the matter. The Embassy of Jordan in London is collaborating with relevant British authorities to ensure the swift return of the detained citizens to the Kingdom. Additionally, efforts are underway to understand the specific reasons behind the refusal of entry.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Qudah stressed the importance of adhering to the new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) instructions for entry into the UK. Jordanians planning to travel to Britain must familiarize themselves with this process and use it for its intended purpose.

Emergency Assistance

For Jordanians facing emergencies while in the United Kingdom, the following contact information is crucial:

  • Directorate of Operations and Consular Affairs: +962795497777 or via email at
  • Emergency phone number of the Embassy in London: +447444764716

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