Jordan as Palestine: A New Vision for Middle Eastern Peace

In a thought-provoking opinion piece, the concept of recognizing Jordan as the Palestinian state has been proposed as a viable solution to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This paradigm shift suggests that acknowledging Jordan’s status as a monarchy and a Palestinian state could reflect the national identity of its majority population.

The Roots of the Proposal: The idea is rooted in history, considering that Jordan controlled the West Bank until 1967 and that a significant portion of its population is of Palestinian descent. The proposal argues for a two-state solution, with Jordan/Palestine and Israel existing side by side, which could potentially save lives and offer Palestinians the opportunity to become productive citizens in a sovereign nation.

The Debate on National Identity: The discussion extends to the identity of Jordanians and Palestinians, many of whom share familial ties, cultural heritage, and a vision for a peaceful future. The article suggests that this shared identity could be the foundation for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The Path to Peace

A Realistic Approach: The opinion piece posits that this new two-state solution is more viable, reasonable, practical, and realistic than previous attempts at peace. It emphasizes the need for a fresh perspective that takes into account the current geopolitical landscape and the aspirations of the people involved.

The International Response: The proposal is likely to elicit a range of responses from the international community, as it challenges long-held views and presents a radical departure from traditional peace efforts. The potential for such a plan to gain traction depends on the willingness of global powers to entertain new ideas in the pursuit of peace.

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