Jerusalem’s Population Doubles Tel Aviv: A Demographic Shift

In a remarkable turn of events, Jerusalem’s population has surged to over one million residents, surpassing Tel Aviv’s numbers. This significant milestone, revealed in an annual report by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, sheds light on the city’s growth and unique dynamics.

Jerusalem, with a population of 1,005,900, now stands as Israel’s most populous city. This figure is more than double the number of residents in Tel Aviv. The data, drawn from Israel’s 2022 census, underscores Jerusalem’s central role in the nation’s social fabric.

Educational Hub: Jerusalem’s Academic Landscape

During the 2022-2023 academic year, Jerusalem boasted the highest number of students enrolled in institutions of higher learning—41,300 in total. The city’s universities and colleges continue to attract scholars from diverse backgrounds, contributing to its intellectual vibrancy.

Employment Trends: Jobseekers and Arab Women in the Workforce

The report highlights a surge in jobseekers, with 26,000 individuals actively seeking employment in Jerusalem as of November 2023. Additionally, there has been a notable rise in Arab women’s participation in the workforce, reaching 29%. These trends reflect the city’s economic dynamism and inclusivity.

Housing and Immigration: Construction and New Arrivals

Jerusalem witnessed the construction of 5,800 new apartments in 2023—the largest one-year housing development recorded in the past 38 years. Furthermore, over 7,600 new immigrants chose to settle in Jerusalem in 2022. However, this influx was offset by 7,200 people leaving the city.

Tourism and Challenges: Foreign Stays and the Impact of Conflict

In 2023, Jerusalem hosted more than 2,735,000 foreign overnight stays. However, the last quarter of the year, coinciding with regional conflicts, saw an 80% drop in this figure. Despite challenges, the city remains a beacon of historical and cultural significance.

Jerusalem Day: Celebrating Reunification

As Jerusalem Day approaches, we commemorate the city’s reunification during the Six-Day War of 1967. The vibrant mosaic of cultures, faiths, and traditions continues to shape Jerusalem’s identity, making it a city like no other.

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