The Hunt for Pink Cars: How Many of Them Exist in the World?


As car lovers, we often wonder about the unique and rare cars that exist out there. One of the most fascinating car colors for many people is pink. Pink cars are considered rare, but how rare are they really? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore just how many pink cars there are in the world. From the history of pink cars to the stats on how many are currently on the road, we’ve got you covered.

The History of Pink Cars

Pink cars have been around for almost as long as cars themselves. The first pink car was created in 1909, and since then, pink has been a color that people have embraced for their cars. In the 1950s and 1960s, pink was an especially popular color among car owners. In fact, pink was one of the most popular colors for the iconic Cadillac cars during this time period.

pink cars
pink cars

Stats on Pink Cars Worldwide

While pink cars are still relatively rare, they’re not as rare as you might think. According to statistics, there are approximately 3 million pink cars on the roads worldwide. This might not seem like a lot in comparison to the total number of cars on the road, but it’s still a significant number. In fact, pink has become one of the most popular non-traditional car colors, especially among young people.

Types of Cars That Are Most Likely to Be Pink

While almost any car can be painted pink, some types of cars are more likely to be pink than others. Pink cars tend to be smaller and more affordable cars, such as hatchbacks and city cars. This is likely because these types of cars are favored by younger people, who tend to be more adventurous with their car color choices.

The Top Brands of Pink Cars

When it comes to the top brands of pink cars, there are a few that stand out. Mini, for example, is known for its pink cars, and the brand has even released special edition pink models of its popular city car. Other brands that tend to have a lot of pink cars include Smart, Fiat, and Peugeot. These brands are all known for producing smaller, more affordable cars that are popular among younger people.

Why Are Pink Cars So Popular?

So, why do people choose to buy pink cars in the first place? There are a few reasons. For one, it’s a standout color that’s guaranteed to turn heads on the road. Pink cars are also seen as fun and playful, which is appealing to many people. Plus, for those who want to express their individuality and break away from more traditional car colors, pink cars provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

The Rarity of Pink Cars

Pink cars are a rare sight on the road, and that’s because they make up a small percentage of all cars worldwide. According to statistics, pink cars account for less than 1% of all cars on the road. This low percentage is due to the fact that pink isn’t a popular color for cars, and most car buyers prefer more traditional colors like black, white, and silver.

  • There are more pink cars in the United States than other countries.
  • In 2020, pink was the 33rd most popular car color in the US out of 50.
  • In Asia, pink cars are becoming more popular.

The Most Popular Car Models that Come in Pink

If you’re a car lover looking for a pink car, you may be wondering which car models are available in this color. Here are some of the most popular pink car models that you can find on the market today:

  • Fiat 500
  • MINI Cooper
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Nissan Micra
  • Toyota Aygo
  • Smart Fortwo

The Process of Customizing a Car with Pink Color

If you’re looking to buy a new car and want to customize it with a pink color, the process is quite simple. First, you’ll need to find a car paint shop that specializes in customized car painting. Then, you can choose the shade of pink that you want for your car. Some car paint shops offer a range of pink shades to choose from, while others can create a custom color just for you. Once you’ve selected the shade of pink, the paint shop will prepare your car for painting, apply the paint, and then finish it with a clear coat for added protection.

The Data on Pink Cars

According to a survey conducted by automotive data analysis firm IHS Markit, pink cars make up only 1% of all vehicles currently on the road in the United States. That’s a total of about 1.4 million pink cars out of a total of 140 million registered vehicles. In the UK, pink cars make up even less, with only 0.2% of all cars being pink. In Australia, the trend is slightly more prevalent, with around 2,000 pink cars registered.

The Future of Pink Cars

Despite the decline in popularity of pink cars, there are still many car enthusiasts who love the color and want to make a statement on the road. Some car manufacturers, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, have even started offering more “out there” colors, such as bright pink and purple, for their luxury sports cars. Additionally, some custom car shops still offer the option to have your car painted pink, if you’re willing to pay extra.


So, just how many pink cars are there in the world? While it’s difficult to say for sure, it’s clear that there are millions of them on the roads worldwide. Pink cars have a long and storied history, and they continue to be a popular choice for car owners today. From their playful, eye-catching appearance to the sense of individuality they provide, there are plenty of reasons why people choose pink cars. Whether you’re a fan of pink or not, there’s no denying that these unique and colorful cars have a special place in the hearts of car lovers everywhere.


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