From Um Qais to Aqaba: spinning 730 kilometers through Jordan

Completely, the Jordan Bike Trail extends 730km from Umm Qais in the north toward the southern port of Aqaba. Cyclists ride over moving slopes, rock-strewn tops and provincial ranches before speeding south towards the unlimited scenes of Dana, the celebrated structures of Petra and the red rises of Wadi Rum. It finishes close to the Red Sea and is physically testing, jumbling over channel filled landscape and earth track streets, coming to up to 20,000 meters in height.

After the rebuffing tough ride, our gathering has halted to slow down and make the most of our prize – a shocking scene vista of rough valleys, backwoods spotted fields and transcending krantzes. Anas Sheshani, our cycling guide, reports: “It’s simply one more 50 kilometers. On the off chance that we push, we can likely make it by sunset.”

Petra is Jordan’s most-visited the travel industry fascination – more than one million individuals came in 2019, and we before long meet a portion of those groups. Fortunately, we’re moving in various bearings and after an hour, I’m awestruck as I stand up close and personal with the 2,000-year-old The Treasury, or Al-Khazneh in Arabic.

Aqaba Cycling

Neighborliness is at the center of this roaming society. As indicated by Bedouin convention, visitors are a blessing from God and hosts can’t ask a guest landing at their home for what good reason they are here. This proceeds for three days. On the fourth day, they can at last ask somebody what their name is and the motivation behind their visit. Inside the tent, we feel the degree of this friendliness – devouring a healthy feast of lentil soup and sheep mansaf, washed down with a steaming cup of tea from a family we’ve never met.

Individuals have lived in Wadi Rum for a large number of years. Settled in Jordan’s far south, the atmosphere in this desert scape is brutal, yet the view hypnotizing. Gargantuan rock formations, gigantic plateaus, smooth crevasses and transcending curves are swathed in undulated rises and an ocean of ruby sand grains – so hued by normally happening iron oxide.

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