Find Your Next Career Opportunity at Rafizi


Rafizi Ramli has been working since 2003, when he started out as a project manager for several software companies. Since then, he has held nine different jobs at nine different companies. His experience in human capital management makes him an ideal candidate for leading Teraju and Yayasan Penarju’s search for a new CEO.

Rafizi’s latest startup, adnexio, deploys artificial intelligence to bring crowdsourcing to human capital management. With adnexio’s AI-driven recruiter #NEX, job seekers can be brought directly to employers every day – from the lowest positions all the way up to top CEOs in the world.

Find Your Next Career Opportunity at Rafizi
Find Your Next Career Opportunity at Rafizi

Retirement From Politics To Focus on AI For Hiring

In addition to his work with INVOKE and adnexio, Rafizi recently announced his retirement from politics in order to focus on AI for hiring. He is now free from both his legal and political battles and is ready to take on this new challenge with enthusiasm and dedication.

The announcement of applications being open for Teraju and Yayasan Penarju’s CEO posts marks an exciting new chapter in Rafizi Ramli’s career – one that promises great potential for those looking for leadership roles in human capital management.


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