Dannii Minogue Defends Her Controversial 1995 Playboy Shoot


Pop star Dannii Minogue has declared she ‘stands by’ her decision to pose naked for Playboy magazine in 1995. The singer, who was just 21 at the time of the shoot, has recently spoken out about how proud she is of her decision and why it was an empowering move.

In 1995, Minogue made the bold decision to pose nude for Playboy magazine. At the time, she was a rising star in Australia and had just released her second album. Despite facing criticism from some quarters, Minogue said that she felt empowered by the experience and that it was “the ultimate feminist move”.

Dannii Minogue
Dannii Minogue

An Unexpected Reaction

The reaction to Minogue’s shoot was unexpected. Although there were some negative comments from people who thought it was inappropriate for a young woman to be posing nude, many praised her for taking control of her own image and making a statement about female empowerment. She received messages of support from fans all over the world and said that she had never been prouder of herself.

A Lasting Legacy

Minogue’s decision to pose for Playboy has had a lasting legacy. It showed young women that they could take control of their own image and use it to make powerful statements about gender equality and female empowerment. It also helped pave the way for other female celebrities to follow suit, such as Kim Kardashian West who posed nude for Paper Magazine in 2014.

Minogue’s message is clear: women should not be afraid to take risks or challenge societal norms if they believe in something strongly enough. As she says: “If you want something badly enough then go get it


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