The Daily Targum: A Chronicle of Rutgers’ Pulse

The Daily Targum stands as a testament to the vibrant life at Rutgers University. As the second-oldest collegiate newspaper in the United States, it captures the essence of student experiences, academic spirit, and the diverse community that shapes the university’s unique character.

The Targum is more than a newspaper; it is the heartbeat of Rutgers. It offers a platform for students to express their views, share their triumphs, and voice their concerns. From in-depth analyses of campus policies to the celebration of cultural events, the Targum reflects the multifaceted nature of student life.

The paper’s commitment to journalistic integrity ensures that every story is told with honesty and respect. It serves as a mirror to the university’s soul, reflecting the issues that matter most to the student body.

Bridging the Past and Present

With a history dating back to 1869, The Daily Targum is a bridge between generations of Rutgers students. It has chronicled the university’s evolution, bearing witness to its growth and the pivotal moments that have defined its course.

The Targum’s archives are a rich repository of the university’s legacy, offering a window into the past while remaining firmly rooted in the present. It continues to adapt, embracing digital platforms to reach a wider audience and engage with the Rutgers community like never before.

Looking to the Future

As Rutgers looks to the future, The Daily Targum will continue to play a crucial role in documenting the journey. It is poised to capture the next chapters of the university’s story, ensuring that the voices of its students are heard for years to come.

The Targum is not just a newspaper; it is a living document of Rutgers’ history and a beacon for its future. It is where the university’s heart beats the loudest, echoing through the halls of academia and into the world beyond.

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